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“Sam is the most accomplished and authentic interpreters of traditional English song to emerge in years” “He brought the house down [Queen Elizabeth Hall]”

“Well it feels like its been a long time coming but here at last is somebody doing really creative things with traditional English Folk Song from the ground breaking new album ”
Verity Sharp BBC Radio 3 Late Junction

“You will be dumbfounded by Sam Lee with duck-egg eyes, a horseshoe smile and an honest, confiding baritone”
The Guardian

“The Band whittle folk in wonderful shapes, giving a flavour of 70s krautrock, while hints of disco and bluegrass added brilliant backing to Lee’s Baritone”
Jude Rogers, The Guardian

When Sam Lee makes this record public he’s going to find himself with a success story on his hands…
Fiona Talkington, BBC Radio 3 Late Junction

“Sam Lee: The heart of folk”
Erica Wagner, The Times

“A wonderful singer and fascinating character. He’s working with musicians in a very interesting and unusual way, his arrangements are unlike anything anyone has ever really heard before”
Joe Boyd

“The rising star of traditional English folksong”
The Daily Telegraph

“One of the most promising folk singers to emerge from the London scene this decade”
The Independent

“An extremely natural and charismatic performer. His modern, often trancelike arrangements of traditionals never fail to still a room.”

“Ground of Its Own is wonderful. The singing is sublime and exquisite! Itʼs gentle and despairing, trancelike and tender. Strokes of genius there I think!”
Shirley Collins

“Sam Lee is one of very few to achieve a real emotional punch with moving simplicity”
The Wire

“It was while hearing musician Sam Lee perform that I decided we should celebrate folk, not only as a musical movement but as a lifestyle”
Alexandra Shulman, Editor Vogue UK

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